One-hour husband- gardening services

zahradnické práce

Apart from other works, our one-hour husband service applies to some gardening and outdoor works around your house, cottage or chalet as well.

One of the most important works while maintaining your garden or property is without doubt mowing grass.

The price for these works cannot be generalized therefore it will be stated after acknowledging the certain job.

We offer you these garden works:

  • mowing grass with an electric mower
  • cutting through trees and bushes
  • removing weeds
  • raking leaves
  • removal of shrubbery and leaves
  • watering the grass and plants

After finishing the work our one-hour husband will secure the removal of all waste, such as cut grass, leaves, weeds, sticks and so on…

We also do some small work- repairing pathways, fences, removing tree stumps and other work.

All areas are obligatory.

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