One-hour husband- FAQ

Do you adjust working hours according to the customer?

Yes, we always try to adjust to the customer’s time requirements and mostly it works.

Is the material included in the price?

No, if you want to lay down a floor, for example, then you have to count the price of the floor in. Included in the price for the service are small objects such as dowels and screw up to 10 pieces.

How is it with working tools?

In most cases we use our own working tools, for which our employees are appropriately trained.

Do I pay in cash or by bank transfer?

For our services we expect payment in cash, payment by bank transfer isn’t possible with these services. Bank transfer in possible only with long term clients. Plus, you will always receive a bill, or rather a tax document.

Does somebody have to be present during the work?

No. Our employees can work also before or after your working hours. Although usually with household works the customer is present for the simple reason to let workers in the apartment or house.

How much will I pay for the service?

All prices for the work of a one-hour husband and transport are set in our price list.

What cant I find in your services?

You won’t find any erotic or similar services.

Can I order you for the weekend?

Of course, our workers work also during weekends and holidays.

Can I order you for raking leaves?

Sure. We even secure all gardening services like mowing grass, raking leaves, cutting trees, cutting down smaller trees, gathering fruit…


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