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As mentioned above, cleaning services are diverse and affect all branches where there somehow is dirt, mess or infection. It is quite logical that the variety of services offered by cleaning companies exactly responses the requirements that we send them, because all offered services are merely a reflection of ongoing demand. Let's take a look at the services which may help us, if we want a clean and tidy working or living space, more closely.

Technical and industrial cleaning of spaces- In all sorts of factories and work plants there is usually a considerable amount of waste and dirt made. It is most likely rough dirt, or on the other hand very small dust in large quantities, which are both types of dirt that are normally difficult to remove. Various methods deal with them differently, more or less effectively and more or less environmentally and economically. A cleaning company is able to regularly, every day, week or once a month clean up any technical or industrial building. By using the brush floor-cleaning machines, highly efficient vacuum cleaners and high-pressure cleaners they can clean the work space, clean the air ventilation, wash facades (including removal of graffiti), mow the grass and son on. The removal of all kinds of waste away from the area is a certainty.

Cleaning homes and office buildings- In homes and offices we meet with still another kind of dirt. Not the waste from production, but from normal human being. However this doesn’t mean that the cleaning of this mess should be any easier than the type of dirt in factories. Different environment involves different technology, but requires the same or even greater amount of work. Cleaning the space occupied by a human includes professional vacuum cleaning or carpet cleaning, washing floors, washing windows, cleaning of upholstered furniture, chandeliers, radiators and cleaning the dust, disposal of trash, watering plants and so on, and should we try to name out all the necessary activities it wouldn’t even be possible since their variety can be precisely adapted or added in accordance with the current situation of the household or business. The fact is, that the cleaning company should cope with completely everything what comes to your mind and its regular hiring will keep you from the necessity of having to pay for constant cleaners and either buy them cheap and ineffective or expensive equipment.

General clean up- The general clean up is often the activity that we move on and on to the furthest time possible. This may in effect end up meaning that the quality of the environment in which we live decreases, because a small cleaning is not worth doing, or is not sufficient for the level of pollution, but a general clean up is still nowhere to be found. What else to leave to the experts than an unpleasant work as this. Within the general clean up, the company will do such works that are seldom done. It will wipe off dust even from the most hidden corners, it will clean ventilation bars, thoroughly clean the furniture, not only the upholstered one, and it manages old wallpaper as well. A general clean up also includes the removal of reconstruction debris and mess left after rebuilding and construction.

Other services- The aim of this web isn’t to become an encyclopedia of cleaning services. That is why you can’t even find everything here. Although a modern, high-quality cleaning company can usually clean almost everything. Don’t waste your money and energy on activities that can be done better, faster and cheaper by professionals.

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