When furry animal friends ruin your apartment

Does it always bring you to your knees when that mute face lays its head on you, gives you that look and demands a caress? Sure it does, who wouldn’t want to feel needed and loved at the same time. Not without reason animals are said to be a man’s friend often better than other people. But even the best friends sometimes do something inappropriate which causes inconveniences. How to best solve these situations?

Your dog or cat loves you so much, that they cannot stay without you even for a short while. The moment the door closes they begin to bark, howl or whine, sharpen their claws against the sofa, tear our hairs from the carpet or anything else. That won’t make you very popular among neighbors, but on the other hand, those that have the same thing at home will understand and keep from giving you unfriendly faces.

Except noise animals can do a much worse mess. A lonely dog will chew on everything that he comes upon; cats jump everywhere they consider a possible resting place and knock down and break decorations.

Even worse situations are when they hang on to curtains or leave their excrements wherever they like. By doing this they ruin your favorite carpet, antique sofa or other times tug out wall brackets...
If also you deal with these stories, then you also surely deal with repairing the mess. Is it true you would need more then one day from work to fix everything?

Then the best solution is a one-hour husband. He will quickly and efficiently repair any trouble. Without any problem he will drill back the wall bracket, fix tiles that fell off, paint, lay down a new carpet or manage electrical and installation works.

If you plan a larger innovation for your apartment, again a one-hour husband is available for you.  Not only will he lay down a new carpet, but also assemble new furniture, take care of the plants indoors or outdoors or do the cleaning. A one-hour husband is simply a priceless helper.
So if your furry loved ones have left their sign all over your apartment and you quickly need to get rid of it, do not hesitate to contact our one-hour husband. He will help with everything needed.

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