One-hour husband

hodinový manželOur company offers you a modern and effective possibility, how to solve problems with lack of time or experiences needed for household works- the services of a one-hour husband. A one-hour husband is a skillful handyman who manages work of all kinds. He will fix broken chairs at your place, cottage or office, repair leaking taps, hang up pictures, lights, mow the grass, and clean up after a party and so on…

Cleaning or other work of any range is offered throughout Prague with accessibility of only a few hours from calling. For help in a household or around the house we will provide a pair of very skillful man’s hands, those of a professional worker. He will help with the jobs that you can’t fix on your own or in such cases you don’t have sufficient time or equipment.  A one-hour husband will help whenever you need to return your household to the state before reconstruction, rebuilding or any unexpected accident of pipes or electric wires and no other skillful hand is around.


Do you need to put a table together, get a notebook working or hang up a new chandelier? You don’t want to call three different companies and therefore plan three different terms when you will need to be home? Exactly for this situation we have a one-hour husband.

What a one-hour husband can manage:

  • Painting works- painting of apartments, offices; door, window and fence painting
  • Minor installation works- cleaning sinks and waste, repairs or exchanges of water batteries
  • Furniture assembly- assembly and completion of furniture
  • Gardening- mowing grass, raking leaves, planting, disposal of biological waste, spading, collecting fruit, pool cleaning
  • Minor repairs in households- hanging up pictures, shelves, curtains, laying down carpets, floating floors, small welding,  assembly of light bulbs, lights, plug ins, small reconstruction repairs, repairing wall holes, drilling, accessories assembly-hanger, holder, handgrips in the bathroom, assemble of a pelmet, window blind, curtain holders, furniture assembly-kitchen, bed, closet, dresser, bookshelf, racks, repairs and exchange of door locks, inserts, door knobs and metalwork, window and door insulation, removal of large  waste, disposal of waste
  • Electrical installation- reparation of electrical installation, socket, switch, light, thermostat, repairs and exchanges of sockets, switches, chandelier assembly and repairs, lights, lamps, light bulb changes, strip lights, starters and spot lights, replacement and repair of extension cable ends, supply cables, installation and repairs of bells, attaching and functioning of electrical appliances- washing machines, dishwashers, hobs, extractor hoods and ventilation

All works are done with appropriate skillfulness and professionalism.  Our employees are qualified handyman, who went through demanding selection and manage all the troubles of maintenance or cleaning of an apartment, house or office and always clean up after themselves.

A one-hour husband has the necessary technical equipment needed to complete the works you order in the shortest time possible, always done clean and fine.

If you have a demand on any of the activities listed above, don’t hesitate to contact our one-hour husband and agree on further steps.

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